Healthy Fuel for Back to School

(StatePoint) During back-to-school season, many families will find time is at a premium.

IN Voters Reminded to Use Correct Address

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson is looking into preliminary information that indicates a significant number of Indiana voters are using the addresses of mailbox stores around central Indiana as their voting residence.  State law d

Easy Steps to Protect Costly Gadgets

(StatePoint) The sensitive electronic devices your family now owns no longer sit safely in the den. Your laptops, phones and tablets are in kids’ backpacks, the schoolyard and even the treehouse.

Raise Grades with Online Tools

(StatePoint) Unfortunately, the pace of classroom learning can’t be tailored to every student’s individual needs -- particularly these days, as class sizes are growing and funding for special enrichment programs becomes limited.

Stay Organized for a Fresh Start this School Year

(StatePoint) Back-to-school time means another year of tests, team tryouts and club meetings -- but it also means an opportunity for students to have a fresh start.